East Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval

East Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval

East Wenatchee Valley’s Super Oval is located up in the hills and is a popular venue on a Saturday night. I won’t say how many decades it’s been since I’ve been to stock car races, but I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and intend to attend another event.


As we lined up to purchase tickets, the strains of The Star Spangled Banner filled the air. Moments later we were seated in the stands eagerly awaiting the first race. Look at the beautiful view of the hills in the background.


What I found amazing is that people of all ages drive these vehicles. One of the participants in the first race was only thirteen years old! Looking around at the people in the stands I began to understand this. Families were everywhere with babies in infant seats to the older kids who took a ride around the track in the Fun Bus.


The concession stand and the beer garden were busy places. There was also a souvenir booth.


Back on the track, it was show time. The locals all had their favorites as was evident by all the cheering. As for me, my favorite was the bump and pass races, especially the final race. One little bump and your first place can drop to last place. Here are some photos I took of some of the cars.






This was a fun evening and I look forward to coming back for more races.

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