Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated this weekend. American Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 24th this year. But why do we only celebrate Thanksgiving at these two times of the year? Shouldn’t we be thankful every day of our lives? Why designate only these two times to get together with family and friends when there are 365 days in a year?

When I lived in Canada, I always looked forward to having the family over for dinner. I only have two children, but somehow getting them together on one day in one particular weekend was always a major feat. They had so much else going on in their lives that always seemed to take priority over time spent with family.

I loved the aroma of the turkey cooking in the oven. I always prepared my favorite apple stuffing from scratch. I would bake a pumpkin pie and an apple pie. I had a special tablecloth and always made a centerpiece appropriate for this holiday. And I always crafted a holiday wreath to hang on the front door. I always encouraged my children to invite their friends. I even recall one Thanksgiving when my ex’s entire card group were invited.

In 2010, just before I left for Mexico, my daughter Kimmy made Thanksgiving dinner. That was the last time we were all together………Kimmy, Kyle, Krista and myself as Kimmy has also moved away from Winnipeg.

I returned to Winnipeg in 2012 for surgery. This time dinner was held at my son’s new home although I had prepared most of the food ahead of time. Kyle, Krista and I had a lovely dinner and evening together.

In 2013 I returned to Winnipeg again for surgery, and this time I was blessed to enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners, one with friends and one with family. The first was out in Warren with good friends Karen and Chad, their son Josh and Aunt Mabel. First we went to the rink to watch Josh skate before heading back to their home for dinner.

The second dinner with Kyle and Krista I had at the home I was renting. My son accused me of preparing way too much food, but I’m glad I did. After all, who knows when we’ll ever be together again on Thanksgiving? I’m usually in Mexico although this year I’m in the USA.

Because I’m in the USA, the big day here is Columbus Day, not Canadian Thanksgiving. I actually recall a few times when we would head down to the USA for the infamous Columbus Day sales and dine at a Mexican restaurant instead of indulging in the usual turkey and fixings.

What will I be doing tomorrow on Canadian Thanksgiving Day? I will not be shopping at the Columbus Day sales. I will not be having a turkey dinner. I will be with my Life Group from church at our weekly meeting.

I am determined to be thankful every day of my life for all the good things I enjoy. I have my health, my children and my friends. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I live in a lovely town. 

I wish all of my Canadian family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving, not just for tomorrow, but for every day of their lives. We are truly blessed.

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Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.


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