Smallwoods Harvest, Peshastin, Washington

Smallwoods Harvest, Peshastin, Washington

The weather has turned cool and overcast with sporadic drizzle. Leaves have fallen from the trees and crunch underfoot. The sun peaked through on Friday afternoon and I boarded a Link Transit bus and headed for Peshastin.

Smallwoods Harvest is located on the highway just minutes away from Leavenworth. I’ve driven by it several times but this was the first opportunity I had to stop and spend some time there. Scarecrows and pumpkins are clearly visible from the highway, and this is also the home of a petting farm and a popular setting for children’s birthday parties. This was the first scarecrow to greet me upon my arrival.


I came across the children’s area first. Not only is there a large playground, but there are other activities, such as tetherball and games.


There is a tike track for the little ones.


There is also a fire pit, a refreshment area and tables with umbrellas. There are colorful photo areas as well. As tempting as it was, I didn’t stick my head through and take a selfie.


Next came the area with all the produce displayed in bins. The pumpkins and other gourds were what attracted my attention.




I was totally entranced by the petting farm. Here are a fewof my favorites





All too soon it was time to head for the bus into Cashmere, my next event that afternoon. A guest speaker was giving a talk on Frankenstein at the Cashmere Library. So I bid a fond farewell to Smallwoods and hope to return soon to explore the retail store located indoors.




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