Scare-Crazy in Cashmere

Scare-Crazy in Cashmere

The month of October is spooktacular in the charming town of Cashmere, Washington. Fifty-five scarecrows adorn the streets in daylight hours. In addition, twenty-one have been given secret numbers and there is a contest going on to identify these scarecrows. Map in hand, my destination was Cashmere this morning. Here is the first scarecrow who greeted me upon my arrival.


I then made my was down to Cottage Avenue, passing a few more scarecrows along the way. Needless to say, I took way too many photos as usual. Here are just a few:

The Cashmere Library even got in on the action.


One of the churches had this one on display.


The delightful scarecrows more than made up for the gloomy, overcast day. Actually, the weather kind of added to the ambiance. But alas, I only had time to find thirty, so I will have to continue my search later on this week.


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