Halloween Then And Now

Halloween Then And Now

I have always loved Halloween. As a child I eagerly ran from door to door collecting treats. Back then you looked forward to a neighbor’s popcorn balls or caramel apples. The streets were safe and all houses on the street were brightly lit.

By the time my kids came along, it was a different world out there. Adults now roamed the streets with their children. Pins and razor blades contaminated candies and apples. Teenagers would often taunt younger children and steal their bags of treats. I always closely checked all my kids’ candy and apples were always tossed in the garbage. Friends of my kids would often come back to our home for a party. There was always a spooky Halloween cake and colorfully decorated cookies, all homemade.

I haven’t been in Canada for Halloween in several years now. In Mexico, the big event is Day of the Dead rather than Halloween. Last year in Mazatlan I saw only a half dozen or so costumed children on the streets for Halloween and saw none at all in the years I lived in Guadalajara. However the influence from up north is spreading down gradually to those areas in Mexico closer to the USA-Mexico border.

This year I’m in the USA. And Halloween is BIG! We were out looking for costumes last night and ventured into the Spirit Halloween store in Wenatchee. I was totally overwhelmed by all the costumes, masks, accessories, decorations and displays. My friend informed me that the stores in Seattle were even larger. Here are some photos I took:

After about an hour, we headed for the checkouts with our selections. He had chosen a gruesome mask, and I had a colorful wig and makeup. This is what we looked like on Saturday night:

The first party was in Cashmere and was a combination birthday/Halloween party. It was cool out and the fire was most welcome.

The next party was back in Leavenworth and was from the Rotary Club.

We then headed back to Cashmere to Club Crow. The place was packed and there was a great live band.

The afternoon today was spent at church preparing for Light the Night, a huge carnival to be held tomorrow night. Last year approximately 1300 people attended. There will be games, food and even a petting zoo.

Sadly I will not be in Mexico for Day of the Dead this year for the first time in six years. But the kid in me is enjoying every single minute of Halloween this year here in Washington state.

Happy Halloween 2016!

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