I arrived in Toronto around 6 am on April 11th. With the time change I lost 3 hours and felt completely disoriented as it felt like 3 am to me. My Interjet flights were wonderful and my bag was one of the first off the carousel. Customs and Immigration was a breeze and a half hour later I was at Tim Horton’s sipping a much needed coffee.

My daughter picked me up and the gloom of a rainy day was brightened as I saw my granddaughter for the first time. Soother firmly gripped in her tiny mouth, Maddie was half asleep in her car seat. Such a sweetheart!

We headed for a mall and I finally got to see Maddie and hold her. I had hoped to wheel her around in her stroller, but the trunk space was needed for my suitcase. Kimmy had a type of shawl she wrapped the baby in but Maddie was a little fussy being carried around in this manner.

We had lunch at Moxie’s and Maddie slept through the entire meal. This was very different from my experience when Kimmy was a baby. It seemed like wherever I was and whenever food was put in front of me, my baby always wanted to nurse.

Our next stop was to pick up my son-in-law who had been writing an exam for his pilot license. We then headed for the 401 and the drive to Frankford. The dreary rain continued and a couple of hours later we were home.

The days flew by. I held Maddie as often as I could despite my daughter insisting that Maddie could sleep very well in her crib. When I wasn’t holding her I watched her in her swing when we ate, or sat with her in the back seat of the car when we drove.

When it was time for me to leave, I totally fell apart at the train station. Maddie had a firm grip with her tiny hand on my finger, and it was just too hard to tear myself away from her, not knowing when I would see her again.

My daughter has requested that I not post any photos of Maddie on my blog posts, so you will have to take my word for it that she is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world.

This is a photo I took out of the living room window. Rain had turned to an ice storm and then snow. How I missed Mexico!

View from living room window

The weather did not deter us from going out. One afternoon we checked out a couple of wineries.



By the time I got to Toronto, there was no evidence of ice or snow. I stayed with my friend Deborah whom I hadn’t seen in almost three years. We had a lot of catching up to do. She lived right on the lake and there was a beautiful trail close by that ran along the water.


One afternoon I wandered around downtown and visited Queen’s Park.



We also went out to Woodbine to see the races one day, and of course we headed for a shopping mall.



It was now time for the final leg of my journey to Leavenworth, Washington. 

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