Maifest and More

Maifest and More

We’re halfway through May and I’ve been back for two weeks. My calendar is filling up but I found myself fully immersed in Maifest over the weekend. This is a festival to celebrate May Day. Downtown Leavenworth was a sea of both tourists and locals for three days.

Friday featured a parade in addition to music and dancing. On Saturday afternoon I found myself down by the gazebo enjoying Alpine music and the Tyroleon dancers. Sunday there was dancing around the Maypole, followed by more music and dance performances.

MaifestMaifest (2)

Yesterday was also Mother’s Day, a bittersweet day for me. Last year I was in Winnipeg with my son. But this year I’m in Leavenworth and my children are back in Canada. How I longed to hold my new granddaughter in my arms………

My life is a flurry of activity here in Leavenworth. I enjoy having lunch at the Senior Center with my friends during the week. There are fitness classes, craft afternoons and bridge games. I’ve joined the Bavarian Book Club at the library and next month will start a memoir writing class. Tomorrow I’ll be in Wenatchee for a professional development day for instructors in the SAIL program. Planning meetings for Vacation Bible School in July are now underway. And I’m moving on Wednesday.

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the town that I took on my walk today.


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