Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

The Wenatchee Riverfront Railway is located in Wenatchee, Washington. It is a 10 in. gauge miniature railway and offers rides once a month weather permitting. It is also open to reservations for private events.

On Saturday mercifully the smoke had cleared for a few hours so I opted to go for a train ride. Link Transit was my chauffeur from Leavenworth to Wenatchee and then from Columbia Station to Riverfront Park. I alighted from the trolley and headed for the station.


Along the way I came across this colorful caboose which was open to the public.


Next I entered the station to purchase my ticket.


Moments later I was aboard the train and we were off.


Here are some shots I took during the ride.


After the ride I strolled along the path admiring the garden.


I caught a shot of the train as it came by.


And then it was time to check out the bridge and see where it would lead me.


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