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Wenatchee Riverfront Park

Wenatchee Riverfront Park

Saturday was one of the rare sunny days we’ve had recently and was a welcome change from the overcast gray skies. Linda and Gene came in from Leavenworth and we headed out for a walk along the river.

Riverfront Park is home to an asphalt hike/bike trail as well as a miniature railway, a statue garden and a boat launch. In the summer the trees and flowers are alive with color. But on a December winter day these few berries were all that was left.

A number of interesting statues caught my eye, such as this monkey on a skateboard.

The river views and the mountainous terrain really add to the beauty of this park.

Our timing was perfect as the sun had just begun its descent into the mountains as we arrived back at the car. Once the sun disappears the temperature plummets.

A lovely walk with great friends on a winter’s day with no snow on the ground. Life is good.

Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

Wenatchee Riverfront Railway

The Wenatchee Riverfront Railway is located in Wenatchee, Washington. It is a 10 in. gauge miniature railway and offers rides once a month weather permitting. It is also open to reservations for private events.

On Saturday mercifully the smoke had cleared for a few hours so I opted to go for a train ride. Link Transit was my chauffeur from Leavenworth to Wenatchee and then from Columbia Station to Riverfront Park. I alighted from the trolley and headed for the station.


Along the way I came across this colorful caboose which was open to the public.


Next I entered the station to purchase my ticket.


Moments later I was aboard the train and we were off.


Here are some shots I took during the ride.


After the ride I strolled along the path admiring the garden.


I caught a shot of the train as it came by.


And then it was time to check out the bridge and see where it would lead me.