I’m An Addict

I’m An Addict

I admit it. I’m an addict. I am hopelessly addicted to chocolate.

In another lifetime I had a collection of thirty-five cookbooks loaded with yummy chocolate recipes. And I recall my kids complaining to me, “Can’t you ever bake something without chocolate?” Yet somehow they always attacked the cookies, fudge and cheesecakes with vigor. And I often did humor them and bake items that didn’t contain chocolate.

I suppose that as an addiction chocolate is a relatively harmless one as compared to drugs or alcohol. But nonetheless it has its dangers.

My biggest concern is that chocolate contains caffeine. And I really watch out for caffeine. I drink real coffee only in the mornings and limit myself to a maximum of two cups delay.

Chocolate is not usually a breakfast item. Chocolate is something I crave later in the day.

A candy store near me sells a variety of individually wrapped chocolate items. Perfect! No temptation to eat an entire chocolate bar.

No Bulk Barn here in Mexico so that rules out an overabundance of numerous chocolate items.

Whenever I head to the USA my first purchase is an American Hershey bar. Hershey bars made in Mexico or Canada just don’t taste as good.

However I now have a new favorite here in Mexico. There is a bakery a mere 10 minute walk away that has chocolate truffles the size of a baseball. They cost only 10 pesos, less than 50 cents, and I nibble daily. And it lasts me an entire week!

Doesn’t it look amazing?

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