Hurricane Genevieve

Hurricane Genevieve

An active hurricane season was in the forecast for the Pacific coast of Mexico. This prediction has definitely been put to the test this season.

This past week Genevieve grew quickly to a Category 4 but thankfully remained out in the ocean and did not make landfall. Warnings were issued for high surf and dangerous waves along the coast, along with strong winds and torrential rain.

Aguascalientes is inland but nonetheless it is the rainy season. The effect of Genevieve barreling up the coast resulted in substantial rainfall here.

Torrential rain usually seems to begin at around 5 o’clock and pounds away for four or five hours, causing streets as well as some homes and other buildings to flood.

Sharon and I had just finished lunch at Osteria the other day when the rain started. We were sitting in the covered patio area but were forced to move indoors when the overhead canopies could not support the weight of the water.

Walking home was not an option so we opted for Uber. Instead of the usual two or three minute wait it was close to a half hour. Safe and dry inside the car, we were amazed by the water in the streets that had overflowed the curbs.

Note to self: The next time a hurricane charges up the coast, it is imperative to be home by 5 o’clock.

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