I lost another friend the other day. We met when I lived in San Ciro for three months, a small town with a population just under 200, in San Luis Potosi.

That’s the real danger in living the nomadic life I do. I meet a lot of interesting people and friendships become very intense very quickly, albeit often short-lived as well. I never know whether our paths will cross again in this lifetime.

We celebrate holidays and birthdays together. We reminisce about our past and share memories. We travel, we volunteer and in some cases have worked together.

We attempt to maintain relationships by using social media and video calls when possible as many have left Mexico and returned to their home countries.

But the years pass by all too quickly and we aren’t getting any younger. Our bodies are not quite as limber as they once were, a definite concern when determining what comes next.

However there is a fascinating world out there just waiting to be explored. There are amazing people out there who we haven’t yet met. There are new memories to be made and, health permitting, our age doesn’t matter.

I’m not quite certain that I’m still living my dream by practicing this lifestyle. But what I am sure of is that the people I’ve met along the way have had an important impact on my life, whether or not we ever see each other again in person. And I will always cherish the memories stored safely in my heart.

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