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Happy Birthday Pedro!

Happy Birthday Pedro!

I was on the phone yesterday morning with a friend from Leavenworth and our conversation turned to how God has done awesome things in our lives by having amazing people cross our paths. In this post I would like to share with you one of these amazing people who came into my life almost four years ago when I lived in Guadalajara.

I had just returned from having my second knee replacement in Winnipeg. While I was glad that I did not have to contend with ice and snow, I was a little apprehensive about leaving my security blanket of medical expertise back in Canada.

I was teaching English at a school in Miravalle and Saturday was Grammar and Conversation Club. One of my new students, Pedro, is a doctor who was an orthopedic surgeon. His specialty? Knee replacements! Of course he often chides me that I should be using a cane and that I walk too much, a very different philosophy than that of my doctor back in Winnipeg.

Pedro is an amazing student. He constantly reads books in English………classic novels, philosophy……….you name it, he is intrigued by it. He also introduced me to Spanish literary works, and encourages me in my quest to become more fluent in this language.  Here is a photo of him giving us an anatomy lesson.

Pedro in Conversation Club

And here he is proudly displaying his diploma upon completing a grammar unit.

Pedro with Diploma

When I moved to Mazatlan, we kept in touch via Facebook and What’s App. Pedro has also become a loyal follower of my blog posts. And he is now studying French in his constant search for knowledge. And he is an avid cyclist. I snagged this photo of him last month when I was in Guadalajara last month.


Back in January I was faced with the dilemma of where to have cataract surgery. I was not confident with either of the two doctors I had seen here in Mazatlan. And if I went back to Winnipeg I was looking at a surgery date of September for the first eye. My anxiety level was at an all-time high and I could feel a cloud of depression about to descend.

What do I do when I’m upset? I write. So I wrote a blog post called Curve Ball. One of the first comments I received was from Pedro, wanting to know what my problem was. So I messaged him and explained. He asked if he could check around and help me. I agreed and the following day he phoned me with the name and phone number of a colleague at the hospital where he works.

I finally got the courage and entered the number in my cell phone. To my surprise it was a personal number complete with What’s App, rather than an office number. The doctor answered immediately and asked if I wanted to come in the next day. Taken aback, I explained that I needed to organize a few things before I could come to Guadalajara. So we agreed to a time the following week.

The rest is history. The entire experience was a great one, where everything went smoothly. I was impressed with the technology and most of all the professionalism of the staff. Everyone was most attentive, caring and compassionate before, during and after the surgery.

Back to Pedro. He welcomed me into his home, where his daughter gave up her bedroom to me when I stayed there after the surgeries. He accompanied me to my surgery and if I couldn’t see my own kids’ faces immediately upon leaving the recovery room, it was definitely a feel good to see Pedro’s face after the first surgery. Pedro’s wife Maria is also a doctor in an emergency room, and she was there waiting for me when I came out of the second surgery as Pedro had to go back to work. Needless to say, their support means the world to me. I could never have done this without them. 

Living in a foreign country with no blood family here, my friends are important to me and they become my family. I am both honored and proud to include Pedro and Maria among them.

I am truly blessed that Pedro came into my classroom that day back in 2013. Today is his birthday so I thought this blog post would be appropriate. I hope you have a fabulous day, Pedro, and an amazing year. Feliz Cumple!



Reunion in Mazatlan!


I’m in Mazatlan now and this visit is very different from the usual ones. When I come to this beach area I usually stay at Hotel Playa Mazatlan in the Gold Zone. I spend my days on the beach and my evenings in restaurants and bars in the area. This is vacation time.

View from my room April 16th

However this time I am venturing out of the Gold Zone and the tourist attractions. I am staying with a friend at her condo in a gated community out in the Marina Mazatlan area. It’s extremely quiet and peaceful here, in comparison with the traffic and activity which I am accustomed to.


And we are relaxing and catching up on the past twenty-five years. Yes…….it’s been twenty-five years since we have last seen each other!

When I was first married, my ex and Larysa’s husband worked together for a while. We saw quite a bit of each other during that time. But then we drifted apart as life circumstances intervened. We last saw each other when our sons wound up at the same high school. So we have found quite a lot to talk about! 

It turns out that Larysa and Brian have had this condo for seven years and have been spending the winters here. And I started coming to Mazatlan when I first began teaching in Culiacan back in 2010. 

Our lives have changed so much in the past twenty-five years. Our children have grown up and are in their thirties. Larysa has four adorable grandchildren!

I updated her on my children, and my grandkitties and grandfishies. Unfortunately my two children live in two different provinces and I’m in Mexico, so I envy Larysa as her family all live in Calgary now.

It has just been the most incredible experience to reunite with a friend after such a long period of time. But it’s very true what they say:

Thank you Facebook for reuniting us! Larysa messaged me a few months ago when my name came up as a suggested friend. And these past couple of days have been truly amazing! And I know that we will see each other again before another twenty-five years goes by.