More This And That

More This And That

I have hundreds of readers and followers all over the world. Obviously most of you I have never met in person. I’m gratified that you enjoy my posts, and I often read blogs from people I’ve never met either.

I seldom post photos of myself. I also usually take terrible selfies, but I thought I’d share this one that I took just the other day. It’s tolerable. This is me.

Like many of you, I love coffee. Actually I more than love it. It’s mandatory if I’m ever to reach a state of consciousness in the morning. It goes without saying that it must be high octane. Decaf just doesn’t quite do it for me.

Another day, another natural disaster. This time it was an earthquake in Oklahoma. Centered around Medford and registered as a 4.5, tremors were felt in several other states as well. This is starting off to be quite a year for weather.

Today is Groundhog Day up north. Wonder if the little guy will see his shadow. Will there be another six weeks of winter? I hope not. I’m headed up north next month.

Here in Mexico today is tamale day. Whoever found the baby in the rosca on Kings Day provides the tamales. I was in Pachuca for that one. Thank goodness I didn’t find the baby or I would be headed back there and it’s a long commute.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes that has also been added to my list of mantras.

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