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Facebook Memories

Facebook Memories

Thank you Facebook for not only reminding me of my friends’ birthdays but also of reminding me of the different places where I have lived.

Apparently four years ago today I was at The Saloon in Mazatlan with friends doing this.

Today I’m in Aguascalientes sipping coffee instead of doing Jell-O shots.

Five years ago today I was still teaching and this was my classroom at Hotel Torres in Mazatlan. Most of my students were working in housekeeping or security at the hotel.

Today I’m retired and not teaching. Now I sip my coffee rather than gulp it.

But I’m really feeling nostalgic/homesick now. I spoke to my friend Debbie earlier today. She was shopping at Walmart in Wenatchee when I called, one of my favorite places. Then I found this pic from last summer in Cashmere.

I would certainly welcome some of that Washington rain today. 90s and sunny here in Aguascalientes. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had any rain.

Thanks for the memories Facebook!

My Friend Claudia


The other day I was having breakfast at my favorite coffee shop in Tlaquepaque when my friend Claudia jokingly remarked to me that I never write about her. I thought “Why not?” So Claudia, here is your post.

When I first moved to Tlaquepaque more than three years ago, one of my housemates told me about a quaint little coffee shop on a side street just off the square. He told me that the coffee was great, the food excellent, there was WiFi, and that best of all were the people who owned it. Always eager to explore new areas, I packed up my laptop in my backpack and headed off to find Calle Constitution and this coffee shop called Jahanve. Needless to say, this has become my second home. And Claudia has become a great friend.

Jahanve (3)

Claudia is very creative in the culinary area. Check out the Christmas cookies in the above photo. Below is a carrot cake.

Carrot Cake at Jahanve

And the following photo is my favorite chicken salad.

Jahanve (2)


And this is the best breakfast anywhere in Tlaquepaque.

image_5 (4)

Here are photos of my favorite beverages. The first is a cappuccino and the second is an Oreo frappe.



Frappe at Jahanve June 29th (2)


Claudia is also the proud mom of a darling baby girl, Camilla. This photo is a three generation with Claudia’s mom as well.


Camilla often comes to visit at the coffee shop while Claudia is at work. And Claudia always has amusing anecdotes to share about her precious little girl as she grows. Just yesterday Camilla’s bright smiles and laughing eyes lit up the room. Yet Claudia insists that she is a terror now because she is teething!

Claudia is also a wealth of information when it comes to life here in Mexico. Healthcare, travel packages, shopping, sightseeing and current events are all her forte.

While the coffee and food are fabulous, it’s Claudia herself with her welcoming demeanor and warm personality that¬†really makes Jahanve the best coffee shop in Tlaquepaque. Many of my former housemates who are back in their own countries often reminisce about the many enjoyable hours spent at Jahanve.

Saludos Claudia y hasta pronto Amiga!