Another Writing Prompt From WordPress

Another Writing Prompt From WordPress

Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech?

That was yesterday’s prompt and I decided to go with it. So here goes……………..

As a child, the only acting I ever did was plays in class. I was never into drama or musicals or anything like that. There was the odd ballet or piano recital but that’s about it. In junior high I sang in the choir and we performed at a music festival. But a few years ago I did something completely different that was totally out of my element.

I was living in Mazatlan at the time and saw an ad for auditions for a dinner theater at one of the local hotels. It was a murder mystery and it sounded intriguing. And the pesos were also a lot higher than they were teaching English. So I went for an audition. Brace yourselves………….I got a leading role! It was different and it was fun. But it was also short-lived. The audience wasn’t overly impressed with the plot or the food at the hotel. Oh well! It was great while it lasted.

Now we come to speeches. I guess I’ve done a few of those as a teacher. And then there were the more tedious ones when I conducted staff meetings while managing group homes. But there is one speech I gave that stands out in my mind.

I was still living in Winnipeg at the time and delivered a speech at the annual Manitoba Hospice and Palliative Care Conference. It was quite the challenge as I hadn’t really expected my proposal to be accepted by the committee. But it was and I was allotted a half hour plus additional time for questions. Thirty minutes. I had never given a speech that long before and it was quite a challenge, especially when you’re talking about caring for people who are dying.

So there you have it. I wonder what the next writing prompt will be.

Happy Humpday!

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