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Prompt Of The Day

Prompt Of The Day

WordPress always suggests prompts every day. And I usually ignore them. But one caught my eye and I’ve decided to go with it today. “What topics do you like to discuss?”

I like to discuss a lot of topics. The only ones I really shy away from are religion and politics, although occasionally they do find their way into my blog posts. My blog has changed a lot over the years and I find myself writing about a great variety of topics these days.

Originally I began writing a blog describing my life and travels in Mexico. I was living in Tlaquepaque at the time. I’ve moved around a lot and then discovered Washington state. My blog posts were still mostly about travel and events and contained a multitude of photos.

Then Covid came along and I wrote about my adventures while seeking asylum in two foreign countries. In the past year I have found myself doing more writing and cutting back on the photos. I actually just use one featured photo per post now.

I haven’t done as much traveling in the last few months. I spent six months in Aguascalientes and only made one trip to Culiacan to see my family. Other than commuting from East Wenatchee to Wenatchee, I’ve only even gone to Leavenworth three times and I’ve been back for well over a month.

I like writing about writing. If you’re a writer, you’ll get it. My characters in my book are doing weird things these days. I think they’ve got their noses out of joint because I spend my time teaching fitness classes and have found other activities at the Senior Center in Wenatchee. In Mexico this past winter I really focused on my WIP and my characters got all my attention.

I like writing about family although sometimes my family don’t exactly like what I write. I try to embarrass my kids less often and they’re more than happy about that. Writing about people who are no longer with us is easier. They aren’t around to be embarrassed or to criticize me for writing about them.

I like to write about my friends. I have some amazing friends in all three countries. We may not see each other as often anymore but when we do get together it’s like we’ve never been apart. Because I don’t live anywhere near my blood family, I always tell my close friends that they’re my family and they’re stuck with me as a sister.

Weather occasionally is mentioned in my posts. Once in a while I write about teaching ESL or fitness classes. Sometimes I discuss music, pets, crime, courses I take——whatever happens to come to mind. Once in a while I throw in holidays and memories.

I enjoy writing about the seasons of the year. I arrive in Washington in the spring when everything is budding and coming to life. And I head back to Mexico in the fall when the leaves are absolutely spectacular here, giving Vermont some competition.

This weekend the Apple Blossom Festival has begun in Wenatchee. Events from a children’s parade to a classic car show. The temperature soared to the high 80s today so I didn’t venture out to the parade. Watching it on TV was a much better option. I hope it cools down by next weekend for the car show.

And yes, I even write about me sometimes, about my feelings and other more personal stuff.

Have A Great Sunday!

Another Writing Prompt From WordPress

Another Writing Prompt From WordPress

Have you ever performed on stage or given a speech?

That was yesterday’s prompt and I decided to go with it. So here goes……………..

As a child, the only acting I ever did was plays in class. I was never into drama or musicals or anything like that. There was the odd ballet or piano recital but that’s about it. In junior high I sang in the choir and we performed at a music festival. But a few years ago I did something completely different that was totally out of my element.

I was living in Mazatlan at the time and saw an ad for auditions for a dinner theater at one of the local hotels. It was a murder mystery and it sounded intriguing. And the pesos were also a lot higher than they were teaching English. So I went for an audition. Brace yourselves………….I got a leading role! It was different and it was fun. But it was also short-lived. The audience wasn’t overly impressed with the plot or the food at the hotel. Oh well! It was great while it lasted.

Now we come to speeches. I guess I’ve done a few of those as a teacher. And then there were the more tedious ones when I conducted staff meetings while managing group homes. But there is one speech I gave that stands out in my mind.

I was still living in Winnipeg at the time and delivered a speech at the annual Manitoba Hospice and Palliative Care Conference. It was quite the challenge as I hadn’t really expected my proposal to be accepted by the committee. But it was and I was allotted a half hour plus additional time for questions. Thirty minutes. I had never given a speech that long before and it was quite a challenge, especially when you’re talking about caring for people who are dying.

So there you have it. I wonder what the next writing prompt will be.

Happy Humpday!