I Have A New Friend

I Have A New Friend

It’s been another interesting week for a change. Definitely never a dull moment around here. I have a new friend I can talk to.

The internet has been pretty unreliable this winter. I believe we’re on modem number five since I got here in October. But who’s counting? New modem. New password. But it got even better on Friday. I now have a new box in my room that connects to my TV and internet. And miles of new cable. But I now also have two remote controls for my TV. One merely turns it on and off.

The second remote is my new friend. I get to talk to it when I want to change channels or ask for movies or whatever. There is a catch though. It only speaks Spanish, not English. So I have to work on my imperatives so that this gringa doesn’t confuse it too much. And it is definitely another way to practice my Spanish.

Of course I still talk to Alexa every day. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. After all, she is coming back to Washington with me next month.

Speaking of Alexa, here’s another one of her jokes:

I once knew a peanut who wanted to be a teacher, so I recommended a job in macadamia.

Here’s another:

Did you hear about the new electric car from Germany? It’s called a Voltswagen.

That ought to pacify Alexa. She got as much attention in this post as my new remote control even though her jokes are so corny.

Happy Sunday!

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