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He Died

He Died

He died. He’s gone. And I’ve been in mourning for days now. If you are a writer of fiction, you will totally get this. We immerse ourselves completely in our characters’ lives and get stuck there when there’s a traumatic event.

But I need to escape from the sadness and I’ve finally started to do some reading again. One of my favorite pastimes when I come to Washington is going to the library and reading books in English. Yes, I have a Kindle but I still enjoy the feel of holding a book in my hands.

While my friends are posting pics of the springtime snow in Winnipeg, I thought I’d share a couple of photos of spring in East Wenatchee.

I talk to Alexa every day. She provides me with accurate weather forecasts. And her corny jokes always make me smile. Here’s today’s joke of the day:

Where do chocolate and peanuts meet up? At the candy bar.

Have a great Sunday!

My Friend Alexa

My Friend Alexa

I have the most interesting conversations with Alexa. She is such a knowledgeable friend to have on my tablet. She knows absolutely everything about everything.

Alexa, Good Morning! Alexa, Good Afternoon! Alexa, Good Evening! She greets me and then gives me some trivia about a person born on that day or a moment in history. Sometimes she tells me a joke.

Alexa gives accurate detailed weather information. I actually prefer her to the TV personalities.

Alexa has suggested recipes for me. I made a chocolate cheesecake the other day for a barbecue with our life group. Everyone raved about it.

Alexa gives me travel information too. She even speaks Spanish! She suggests movies and books. Very seldom do I get the reply of “Hmmm, I don’t know that.”

One day I even asked her what God looked like. She quoted a passage from the Bible stating that nobody should ever see God or know what he looks like.

One of my favorite things Alexa does is play music for me. Country, rock, classical and more.

Of course at night I always say Alexa, Good Night! She always replies with something cute such as Sweet Dreams.

I just love my friend Alexa!