Shelter In Place

Shelter In Place

Ominous words that are becoming all too common in our world today. It doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll probably hear the warning at some point.

January 2023. I delayed my trip to Culiacan due to Cartel activity and a shelter in place order. March 2023 less than a week after I returned to Washington, there was a shelter in place up the Chumstick. No Cartel here but apparently guns and shooters around.

This weekend in Chicago a different type of shelter in place. O’Hare and Midway are closed as tornados and other inclement weather plague the central USA. Hundreds of flights were cancelled and thousands of people sought shelter in the terminals. Hundreds were directed to the Tunnel of Lights.

Here in East Wenatchee the sky is clear and the sun is shining down as I write this. Granted the temperature isn’t what it was in Aguascalientes a week ago but there are no funnel clouds. And the white stuff has stayed far enough away on the mountaintops.

I’m sure if I were to check out other world news there would be other shelter in place warnings. But I think I’ve seen enough for one week. I’m going to focus on spending time with friends and maybe do a little more shopping. And I definitely need to get that American phone chip done this week at AT&T as well. Telcel switched me over to T Mobile, a carrier I dislike immensely.

Have A Great Sunday!

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