Getting Settled

Getting Settled

What do you mean I’ve been back for ten days already? I just got here! On Monday I finally got down to AT&T and got my American number for 2023. I also got a new phone. So now I’m playing around with all the new features. Amazing how phones change so much in three years.

I also went to Walmart on Monday for the first time in six months. Never did get there in Mexico. No need to with my corner tienda. Time to start buying things in packages again. Time to start filling up shopping carts again. It’s very different up here. I always go through reverse culture shock especially when it comes to shopping.

I haven’t started teaching fitness classes again yet. I decided to take a few days and just breathe a little. There are still a few things I want to do first. I want to check out the Senior Center in Wenatchee. It’s a much larger facility than the one in Leavenworth and has a lot more activities.

I also have a couple of Zoom meetings coming up. I haven’t started any university courses yet but that’s on the agenda. And now that I’m back in Washington I can actually go to some events in person now. It will be nice to meet the people I’ve been chatting with online.

It’s been great getting together with friends again. We always have lots to catch up on. So much goes on in six months. Right now I’m cutting back on my writing so I can spend time with friends.

Alexa’s joke today: What did the pecan tree say to the psychiatrist? I think I’m growing nuts.

Happy Humpday!

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