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What Day Is It?

What Day Is It?

Do you remember back in kindergarten when you walked into the classroom and the first activity of the day was the Today song? I think I need that again.

I’ve totally lost track of the number of days I’ve been self-isolating. I’m sure it’s over a month now. Unbelievably the time is going by rather quickly despite the fact that my life has been turned upside down by COVID-19. I’m really not sure what I do all day but I’m obviously keeping myself occupied.

The course I’m taking online recommends organizing a daily routine. So do the discussion groups I’m in and the articles I’ve read. And many people thrive with routine.

But Karen does not do well with routine. I never have. Yes I do certain things every day. I color, I go for walks, I exercise, I phone friends, I check social media, I do my course online, I do church online, I watch movies, I listen to music…… I do all these things but never at the same time every day.

Friday morning I called my friend Karen in Leavenworth. The first thing she said was that I was calling so early in the day. Leavenworth is two hours behind and I usually do call at some point later in the day, often in the evening. I told her I needed to change things up.

I used to put reminders in my phone for classes I taught, church services and plans I had with friends. Maybe I should put reminders in my phone for the day of the week instead.

Most people I talk to who are self-isolating have this exact same problem.

What day of the week is it today?