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It’s Been A Fun Week

It’s Been A Fun Week

There is no such thing as a typical week for me here in Aguascalientes, or for that matter anywhere I live. I do not thrive on routine. To me the word “routine” is a four letter word, along with the word “normal”, neither of which can be used to describe my life.

My characters are still talking to me so I’ve been doing a lot of writing, sometimes at 4 am. I do prefer to write during the day, but after experiencing writer’s block for several months, I’m extremely grateful for writing time regardless of the hour.

I did my usual morning run to the lavenderia. The day varies as I’ve grown quite accustomed to sipping that first cup of coffee and lounging around in bed checking emails and playing Candy Crush before I head out. But when I get close to running out of clean clothes, I brave the cold 40 degree mornings and go to the lavenderia. My reward is to pick up my clothes a few hours later, clean and neatly folded and ready to be put away.

I had a four hour fitness training on Zoom the other day from Washington. It was great to connect with everyone again and I’m looking forward to teaching again when I get back.

Joanne and I hit Costco the other day and here are two of my treasures……cheddar cheese and everything bagel. No idea how many steps we got in, but it was quite a few.

Joanne and I go for some pretty wild drives and have seen some really interesting areas in this city where I’m guessing most gringas don’t venture to. But we do!😜

Went for a haircut the other day. Last one with Paulina until I come back in the fall. Delighted to find a stylist here who actually knows how to layer hair like they do in the USA. And I also enjoy the banter all in Spanish.

I went to the park with Gloria and her daughter Romina. Gloria moves to Tulum next week. I will miss our intercambios and, of course, her delicious empenadas.

A project I’ve been working on this winter is condensing eleven plus years of notes on Spanish grammar and vocabulary into one notebook. And I’m almost done! It’s been a tedious task and I’m grateful to Gloria, Raul and Pedro for their help with grammar. I really understand why my students struggle with learning a second language.

I introduced my friend Carole to Country Break. We had a delightful lunch and I picked up a salad to take home. This amazing salad lasts at least three days and has become a staple in my fridge.

Time for internet church. Have a great Sunday!

What Day Is It?

What Day Is It?

Do you remember back in kindergarten when you walked into the classroom and the first activity of the day was the Today song? I think I need that again.

I’ve totally lost track of the number of days I’ve been self-isolating. I’m sure it’s over a month now. Unbelievably the time is going by rather quickly despite the fact that my life has been turned upside down by COVID-19. I’m really not sure what I do all day but I’m obviously keeping myself occupied.

The course I’m taking online recommends organizing a daily routine. So do the discussion groups I’m in and the articles I’ve read. And many people thrive with routine.

But Karen does not do well with routine. I never have. Yes I do certain things every day. I color, I go for walks, I exercise, I phone friends, I check social media, I do my course online, I do church online, I watch movies, I listen to music…… I do all these things but never at the same time every day.

Friday morning I called my friend Karen in Leavenworth. The first thing she said was that I was calling so early in the day. Leavenworth is two hours behind and I usually do call at some point later in the day, often in the evening. I told her I needed to change things up.

I used to put reminders in my phone for classes I taught, church services and plans I had with friends. Maybe I should put reminders in my phone for the day of the week instead.

Most people I talk to who are self-isolating have this exact same problem.

What day of the week is it today?