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And August Begins

And August Begins

It’s August already? What happened to July? Since I returned from Springdale, the days have been a blur of activity. Aside from the usual exercise classes, bridge games and lunches with friends at the senior center, there have been other things on the agenda.

Along with my friend Becky, we volunteered one night at the concession stand for Leavenworth Summer Theater’s production of The Sound of Music. The venue is atop a hill, albeit a considerable amount of smokey haze somewhat obscured the spectacular view of the mountains. The audience numbered approximately 500 people, and it was well worth the climb uphill to reach their seats. In the opening scene, Maria sauntered through the woods singing as she made her entrance onstage. What an ideal setting for this musical!

Image result for images of leavenworth summer theater sound of music

The Rotary Club held a barbecue at a park in Wenatchee. Clubs from Leavenworth, Cashmere and Wenatchee were represented. The park had a swimming pool, a playground and tennis courts.  About 100 people attended this event.

Last Friday I braved the smokey skies and headed for Lake Chelan. I was delighted with the museum and enjoyed viewing the variety of items on displayed. I sauntered through the churchyard and headed down to the water, but it was far too smokey to stay very long. I then had a lovely lunch at BC McDonalds before returning to Leavenworth.



Guess what some of us did last Saturday morning at 8 am? Nope, we didn’t sleep in. We attended a four hour CPR/First Aid class held at Leavenworth Church of the Nazarene. And we now have a two year certification by the American Red Cross. I hope we never have to use these skills but it’s good to have reviewed basic first aid, CPR and the use of AEDs. It’s also interesting to note how the laws vary from state to state, quite different from the classes I took back in Canada where lawsuits were only lightly mentioned.


Earlier in the week on the internet I obtained my Washington food handlers certification. I want to volunteer in the kitchen at the Senior Center where this course is required. And this week I began a new course online entitled Rethinking Ageing offered by The University of Melbourne. I also had my home group online from Church of the Rock in Winnipeg.

Earlier this week I also went out to Plain with my friends Dee and Karen. The first stop was Plain Hardware.


Karen then gave us a spectacular tour of Grunewald Guild. She used to live here and we spent hours touring the buildings and the grounds. Once again, I took far too many photos, but here is a sampling.


We then took a short drive through Lake Wenatchee State Park, where despite the smokey haze, surprisingly quite a few people were swimming and boating.

I am heading to the golf course shortly to have lunch with Charlene. Wild Huckleberry is one of my favorite restaurants in Leavenworth. Not only is the food amazing, but the view is  also spectacular. Perhaps the deer will be out today. A lovely start to the weekend!

Museo Militar…………..Military Museum

Museo Militar…………..Military Museum

I am totally against war. I have no use for the senseless killing of innocent people, especially children. If all the money directed to nuclear weapons was instead used for health services and education, the world would be a far better place. But there is no hope of that happening in my lifetime. Violence and terrorism are all too commonplace.

When I first arrived in Guadalajara over three years ago, I took a Tapatio Tour Bus for an overview of the city, and the Museo Militar was one of the sights highly recommended by the tour guide. 


The front entrance and the rear courtyard are visible from the street, attracting the attention of anyone driving or walking by. The front entrance features aircraft, vehicles and statues. Here are three of the several on display.





There are some magnificent displays of vehicles, artillery, guns, equipment,uniforms, flags and banners in the indoor area. There are also statues and artwork. Some of the rooms open up into the rear courtyard.










On display in the rear courtyard were more aircraft and artillery. One of the aircraft was open to the public for viewing and I eagerly climbed aboard to inspect the cockpit and the interior.





The museum also has a second floor of displays. But that will be for another time. The time passed by far too quickly, and it was time to head for home.