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Playing The Victim

Playing The Victim

The main character in my book is the master of this. He thrives on attention-seeking behavior. He doesn’t assume responsibility for his actions. He always blames someone else when things get screwed up. After all, that’s easiest, isn’t it? And the more he does it, the more comfortable he feels about it. Even though it usually all blows up in his face, that still doesn’t stop him.

Of course this got me thinking about my own life. It’s really easy to step into that victim mentality. I think we all do it from time to time. I know I have. The big problem arises when we make a habit of doing it and it then becomes the norm. We get stuck and somehow it just feels too comfortable and we don’t even attempt to get out.

As adults it’s easy to blame parents for the mess in our lives. My character is really great at doing this. He’s been doing it since he was a teenager. My character is also struggling with mental health issues. So when he doesn’t play the blame the parents card, he blames the mental health issues when there are behavior problems. He has this all perfected by the time he becomes an adult.

We all face challenges in life, mental and physical. Playing the victim results in hearts filled with anger and bitterness. I’d rather have a heart filled with peace and tranquility. Wouldn’t you?