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Five Things You May Not Know

Five Things You May Not Know

A friend challenged me to write a blog post about myself. He asked me to write about five things that most people don’t know about me. Obviously some people may know these things, but most people don’t. I have followers from all over the world who do not know me personally at all. So here goes.

One. As a young child I was double-jointed. Yep, I could do the splits among other things. Of course I’ve also been arthritic most of my adult life so I wonder if that might be why.

Two. If I ever accidently eat anything that contains liver it triggers a gag reflex. Yuck!

Three. A boyfriend once gave me a dog for Chanukah……a big dog even though it was a puppy. I was living at home at the time and my parents strongly suggested I give it back to the breeder after it chewed everything in sight and wasn’t the least bit interested in being paper trained.

Four. One summer I took a merit typing course in summer school. I wanted to learn to type and because I was in a university entrance program, typing was not offered during the regular school year.

Five. I prefer living in small towns rather than in large cities.

There you have it. Five things you may not know about me.

Road Trip

Road Trip

I was having lunch with Joanne and Carole one day. We were brainstorming about what to do that afternoon.

Joanne enjoys driving and we all enjoy exploring. We decided to venture out of the city and head north to the pueblo of Pabellon de Arteaga.

We had expected a small town. We were pleasantly surprised at how big and quaint it was. The main street through town was crowded with a variety of shops and businesses. There was even more than one Oxxo!

We all preferred the quaint old church compared with the big modern one.

Joanne and Carole opted to stay in the car while I wandered through the plaza across from the church. I snapped these two photos.

No idea what the second one is supposed to be other than it was kind of dilapidated. At one time a miniature train ran through there but the track was broken now.

When I come back next winter I plan on spending a few days walking the streets in Pabellon.