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They’re Talking To Me Again!

They’re Talking To Me Again!

Writing fiction isn’t easy. It’s a lot more fun than writing self-help books, except for when my imaginary characters stop talking to me. And that’s been going on for quite a while now.

But for some reason, over the weekend they not only began talking to me again but they also demanded my undivided attention. And I have found myself totally immersed in the life of one of my main characters. I have been eating, sleeping and breathing his life.

And it’s a complicated life. He’s struggling with overwhelming challenges and is finally beginning to overcome some of them. I find myself crying and laughing right along with him.

I recall a time when one of my housemates found me in tears and was sure someone had just died. No, I explained to him, I was just totally into my character.

But unless you’re a writer, these emotions are hard to comprehend. I also cry when I watch movies. Or I laugh aloud. At the moment my character is making me do a lot of both.

I’m seriously contemplating buying another laptop sooner than later. Writing on a tablet is becoming a little tedious now that my imaginary friends are back. But I’m glad they’re back. I’ve missed them.

The Joys Of Writing

The Joys Of Writing

As a child and also as a teenager I enjoyed writing poetry. That came to a grinding halt when I got married and had children. I had no time for writing anymore.

Flash ahead two decades and I enrolled in a creative writing class at Red River College in Winnipeg. “Write about what you know.” This is what our instructor advised.

When I was studying for my counseling certification, I was introduced to the concept of journaling. This correlated really well with what I had learned in the creative writing class.

Journaling became a part of my daily routine. It also was a major influence in my decision to write my first book, When Glad Becomes Sad, which was published back in 2009.


That was also the year my marriage ended. My ex got custody of the computer we had shared and I bought a new laptop. Sadly my journals were never transferred to my laptop along with numerous other files. I was so upset and angry about this that I stopped journaling altogether.

Until December of 2013. I was living in Guadalajara and two of my housemates were computer gurus. One was also a web developer and he introduced me to the world of blogging.

I began publishing posts and also got back to daily journaling. And in 2015 my second book, Alive Again, was published.



Next I decided to try my hand at writing fiction, a huge change from the two self-help books I had published previously.

At first I had a blast creating characters and devising scenarios. I had an outline and I believed my plot and sequence were solid.

But the more I wrote, the more complicated it all became. On occasion the frustration would overcome the fun, and my work in progress would be set aside.

Image result for cartoon images of writer's block when your imaginary friends stop speaking to you

Yes that has been my experience for a while now. But…..the other day my characters once again began speaking to me!

Maybe there’s hope for publishing a third book.

My Imaginary Friends

My Imaginary Friends

It’s Thursday. I feel so lonely. I had all this time on my hands today and looked forward to doing some serious writing. Instead I wound up baking and cooking and going for a long walk to commune with nature. You see, my friends have deserted me today. Not all of my friends, it’s just my imaginary friends that aren’t talking to me today.  And I have been blessed with writer’s block instead.

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I love to write. I love to pour my feelings and emotions on paper using words. My characters have distinctive personalities and voices. But today they are silent. The drama is missing. And I am struggling to write anything meaningful today. I miss their lively chatter and wonder where my imaginary friends have been all day.

Living in Leavenworth has been very conducive to writing. The view from my window is greenery, and with the exception of the month of October, brilliant sunshine. It is peaceful and comfortable. Even all the rain in October was soothing as I sat at my keyboard. 

Image result for images of rain

It’s now Friday. This morning my imaginary friends were nowhere in sight. So off I went to Wenatchee to begin my last minute shopping before I head back to Mexico later this month. I then stopped in Cashmere for lunch. at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I also spent some time at the library before heading for home.

Inspired by a fairytale Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel, my imaginary friends have finally decided to rejoin me. Perhaps they too were feeling lonely. Maybe they just needed a break. But they are back and they are talking to me again!