My Imaginary Friends

My Imaginary Friends

It’s Thursday. I feel so lonely. I had all this time on my hands today and looked forward to doing some serious writing. Instead I wound up baking and cooking and going for a long walk to commune with nature. You see, my friends have deserted me today. Not all of my friends, it’s just my imaginary friends that aren’t talking to me today.  And I have been blessed with writer’s block instead.

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I love to write. I love to pour my feelings and emotions on paper using words. My characters have distinctive personalities and voices. But today they are silent. The drama is missing. And I am struggling to write anything meaningful today. I miss their lively chatter and wonder where my imaginary friends have been all day.

Living in Leavenworth has been very conducive to writing. The view from my window is greenery, and with the exception of the month of October, brilliant sunshine. It is peaceful and comfortable. Even all the rain in October was soothing as I sat at my keyboard. 

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It’s now Friday. This morning my imaginary friends were nowhere in sight. So off I went to Wenatchee to begin my last minute shopping before I head back to Mexico later this month. I then stopped in Cashmere for lunch. at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I also spent some time at the library before heading for home.

Inspired by a fairytale Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel, my imaginary friends have finally decided to rejoin me. Perhaps they too were feeling lonely. Maybe they just needed a break. But they are back and they are talking to me again!  

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