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Oh Oh October

Oh Oh October

Where did summer go? The weather is still unseasonably warm for this time of year. But it’s already October. And a week from today I’ll be back in Mexico.

More goodbyes in the past few days. More last meals with friends in favorite restaurants. More classes have ended until next spring. More last minute shopping to do and of course the dreaded packing.

My characters have been talking up a storm. I hope they keep it up once I get back down to Mexico. They really didn’t have much to say last winter.

The fatigue is easing off and I’m glad I only teach two days this week instead of four. Fatigue seems to be a common symptom after the second Pfizer booster.

I’ve taken quite a few pics of my tree in Cashmere this past week. The leaves are changing color daily and I hope that brilliant red will be visible before I leave next weekend.

The smoke is still around, some days more than others. Highway 2 is closed again near Snohomish with no detour through the pass. Fires near Entiat have been contained.

Hurricane Ian devastated Florida and is headed inland to wreak more havoc. And a hurricane south of Mazatlan is threatening the Mexican coast. Glad I decided to fly into Guadalajara.

Off to Sage Hills for the last time until next spring. Then Clairesse and I will have one final brunch together. I’m sure we’ll find another shopping adventure this afternoon. We always do.

Happy Sunday!

A Week From Now

A Week From Now

A week from now at this time I will be landing in Guadalajara. I usually make this trip in late October, but nothing about this year has been usual.

When I booked my flights just over a week ago, my initial thought was to fly to Puerto Vallarta and spend some time on the beach. Thanks to Covid beach time has become more of a distant memory. But I opted to fly inland instead.

Flying inland seems to have been the wisest choice. Hurricane Nora tore into Puerto Vallarta this week, collapsing hotels and damaging bridges. Nora then made her way up the coast and caused extensive flooding in Mazatlan. It appears that once again my beach time has been put on hold.

That’s okay. I’m looking forward to getting back to Aguascalientes and seeing my friends. It’s been just shy of a year instead of the usual six months.

There has been so much talk of the new normal since Covid invaded our world. I’m trying to view it as the new usual. That seems a bit more positive.

Hurricane Genevieve

Hurricane Genevieve

An active hurricane season was in the forecast for the Pacific coast of Mexico. This prediction has definitely been put to the test this season.

This past week Genevieve grew quickly to a Category 4 but thankfully remained out in the ocean and did not make landfall. Warnings were issued for high surf and dangerous waves along the coast, along with strong winds and torrential rain.

Aguascalientes is inland but nonetheless it is the rainy season. The effect of Genevieve barreling up the coast resulted in substantial rainfall here.

Torrential rain usually seems to begin at around 5 o’clock and pounds away for four or five hours, causing streets as well as some homes and other buildings to flood.

Sharon and I had just finished lunch at Osteria the other day when the rain started. We were sitting in the covered patio area but were forced to move indoors when the overhead canopies could not support the weight of the water.

Walking home was not an option so we opted for Uber. Instead of the usual two or three minute wait it was close to a half hour. Safe and dry inside the car, we were amazed by the water in the streets that had overflowed the curbs.

Note to self: The next time a hurricane charges up the coast, it is imperative to be home by 5 o’clock.