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Prompt Of The Day

Prompt Of The Day

WordPress always suggests prompts every day. And I usually ignore them. But one caught my eye and I’ve decided to go with it today. “What topics do you like to discuss?”

I like to discuss a lot of topics. The only ones I really shy away from are religion and politics, although occasionally they do find their way into my blog posts. My blog has changed a lot over the years and I find myself writing about a great variety of topics these days.

Originally I began writing a blog describing my life and travels in Mexico. I was living in Tlaquepaque at the time. I’ve moved around a lot and then discovered Washington state. My blog posts were still mostly about travel and events and contained a multitude of photos.

Then Covid came along and I wrote about my adventures while seeking asylum in two foreign countries. In the past year I have found myself doing more writing and cutting back on the photos. I actually just use one featured photo per post now.

I haven’t done as much traveling in the last few months. I spent six months in Aguascalientes and only made one trip to Culiacan to see my family. Other than commuting from East Wenatchee to Wenatchee, I’ve only even gone to Leavenworth three times and I’ve been back for well over a month.

I like writing about writing. If you’re a writer, you’ll get it. My characters in my book are doing weird things these days. I think they’ve got their noses out of joint because I spend my time teaching fitness classes and have found other activities at the Senior Center in Wenatchee. In Mexico this past winter I really focused on my WIP and my characters got all my attention.

I like writing about family although sometimes my family don’t exactly like what I write. I try to embarrass my kids less often and they’re more than happy about that. Writing about people who are no longer with us is easier. They aren’t around to be embarrassed or to criticize me for writing about them.

I like to write about my friends. I have some amazing friends in all three countries. We may not see each other as often anymore but when we do get together it’s like we’ve never been apart. Because I don’t live anywhere near my blood family, I always tell my close friends that they’re my family and they’re stuck with me as a sister.

Weather occasionally is mentioned in my posts. Once in a while I write about teaching ESL or fitness classes. Sometimes I discuss music, pets, crime, courses I take——whatever happens to come to mind. Once in a while I throw in holidays and memories.

I enjoy writing about the seasons of the year. I arrive in Washington in the spring when everything is budding and coming to life. And I head back to Mexico in the fall when the leaves are absolutely spectacular here, giving Vermont some competition.

This weekend the Apple Blossom Festival has begun in Wenatchee. Events from a children’s parade to a classic car show. The temperature soared to the high 80s today so I didn’t venture out to the parade. Watching it on TV was a much better option. I hope it cools down by next weekend for the car show.

And yes, I even write about me sometimes, about my feelings and other more personal stuff.

Have A Great Sunday!

Tai Chi And Me

Tai Chi And Me

I know absolutely nothing about Tai Chi. I’ve heard that it’s a good fit with the SAIL fitness classes I teach and A Matter Of Balance. I recently joined the Senior Center in Wenatchee and Tai Chi is one of the activities offered. Okay, Karen! Here’s your chance to try it.

And I did. I went to my first class yesterday. The instructor has the patience of a saint. He has me in his class. I’m really getting to know my right from my left. And I’m getting into these interesting forms we go through. Weird names. Part The Wild Horse’s Mane. Repulse Monkey. Golden Rooster. Needle To Sea Bottom. Those are just a few. I’m game. I’ll go to another class.

I’m more than halfway through the Suicide Prevention course I’m taking. Still doing Duolingo for Spanish. Two more sessions left in the Boundaries discussion group. I also need to select something to read at Writers’ Group next week. Life group on Zoom. Lots of activities at the Senior Center and at the library that I still need to check out.

Writing mode is diminishing. I think my characters are annoyed that I’ve gotten involved in so many other things now that I’m back in East Wenatchee. I think they may even be a little jealous of the time I’m spending with friends here. They’ll get over it.

Have A Great Wednesday!

New This Week

New This Week

I joined the Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center. Now that I’m living in East Wenatchee, the Leavenworth Senior Center is just a little too far away. WVSAC is a much larger center with many more activities to choose from. Today I’m going to a writing group, staying for lunch and then will decide if I want to play cribbage in the afternoon. I’m also planning to going to Tai Chi and a book club.

I start teaching fitness classes again this week. I will be teaching mainly in East Wenatchee, although I will still be subbing in Leavenworth. Right now it looks like it will be three classes a week plus the subbing.

Back in Canada WestJet pilots have voted to strike as have the federal public servants. It figures. This is the year I need to get my passport renewed. And I watch from a distance as Trudope continues to dig himself in deeper and deeper.

I just started a course from Wesleyan University entitled Suicide Risk and Prevention. It’s interesting how the terminology has changed over the years. The rates are soaring, much of it being attributed to Covid. The ratio from a couple of decades ago was 4.5 men to 1.5 women. It’s now 4.5 men to 3.5 women. Very significant and very scary.

I had a video call with my granddaughter yesterday. Madeline told me she went camping on the weekend and slept in a tent. They cooked hot dogs and s’mores over a campfire. She also showed me her chocolate Easter bunnies that she hadn’t eaten yet. Madeline also insisted on showing me the medals her mom won in competitions. And of course she wanted me to see Tigger, one of the cats.

It’s warming up and 60s are in the forecast for the weekend. The snow has cooperated and stayed far away atop the mountains. No blizzards or tornados in Washington.

Have A Wonderful Wednesday!

Getting Settled

Getting Settled

What do you mean I’ve been back for ten days already? I just got here! On Monday I finally got down to AT&T and got my American number for 2023. I also got a new phone. So now I’m playing around with all the new features. Amazing how phones change so much in three years.

I also went to Walmart on Monday for the first time in six months. Never did get there in Mexico. No need to with my corner tienda. Time to start buying things in packages again. Time to start filling up shopping carts again. It’s very different up here. I always go through reverse culture shock especially when it comes to shopping.

I haven’t started teaching fitness classes again yet. I decided to take a few days and just breathe a little. There are still a few things I want to do first. I want to check out the Senior Center in Wenatchee. It’s a much larger facility than the one in Leavenworth and has a lot more activities.

I also have a couple of Zoom meetings coming up. I haven’t started any university courses yet but that’s on the agenda. And now that I’m back in Washington I can actually go to some events in person now. It will be nice to meet the people I’ve been chatting with online.

It’s been great getting together with friends again. We always have lots to catch up on. So much goes on in six months. Right now I’m cutting back on my writing so I can spend time with friends.

Alexa’s joke today: What did the pecan tree say to the psychiatrist? I think I’m growing nuts.

Happy Humpday!

Today Is Wednesday

Today Is Wednesday

Four weeks ago yesterday I crossed the border at Nogales. I’m only allowed 180 days in this country and already 30 precious days have flown by.

I was talking to a friend in Winnipeg last night who asked me what I was planning to do when I got to Canada and how long I was going to stay. The painful truth is that I don’t even want to come to Canada. I come back to see my kids, my granddaughter, and the handful of close friends I keep in touch with. And of course I want to go to the cemetery in Winnipeg. But my life is here in Washington as well as in Mexico.

I’m settling in to life in East Wenatchee. I’ve never lived in Douglas County before. Always in Chelan County. The big difference I’ve noticed is that each county has its own judicial buildings.

While I still teach fitness classes in Leavenworth, I found a new life group from Sage Hills Church just down the street from where I live. And on April 1 the senior center in Wenatchee reopens so that will be an opportunity to meet people and perhaps even play bridge again.

I’m off shortly for a walk. I love watching the trees come to life in the spring. I took this photo of a tree down the street a couple of days ago when it was just beginning to bud.

I peeked out my window a few minutes ago and it’s now in full bloom. A new photo is definitely in order.

Have a great Wednesday!

Que tengas un buen miercoles!