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The Theme Tonight Is

The Theme Tonight Is

I’ve been working on the third part of my book. And I’m struggling with how to get to the ending. I’ve tried four or five different sequences of events and I’m not satisfied with any of them. I get these crazy ideas in the middle of the night and it’s wreaking havoc with my sleep pattern. I seem to do my best writing in the wee hours of the night.

I’ve been checking out the time changes. Here in Aguascalientes we are not springing ahead. But they are in Washington. Not sure what’s going on up in Canada. I’ll have to check because one of the Zoom groups I’m on is in Canada. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole world was on the same time zone?

I was talking to one of my friends in Leavenworth last night. She’s moving to Wenatchee at the end of the month. We teach SAIL classes together and it will be nice to have her close by. I don’t really know many people in Wenatchee yet. Most of my friends are in Leavenworth, Dryden and Cashmere.

The weather has become incredibly hot here. Ninety degrees. The sun feels a lot stronger here too. Yesterday I met friends at a restaurant three blocks away from where I live. While I was able to walk mainly in the shade it was still hot, hot, hot! Then I see the photos of all the snow in California. I hope it’s gone by the time I get to Washington.

I need to get back to my writing. I just got another brilliant? idea. I’m listening to Eric Burdon and The Animals from back in the 60s. I wonder if that’s what inspired me.

By the way, I don’t live anywhere near Matamoros, although I have been there. It’s not one of my favorite border towns and what happened there this week doesn’t surprise me.

Happy Humpday!

Yes I Moved Again

Yes I Moved Again

Hopefully this is the last Washington move. One night in Seattle, two nights in Leavenworth, one week in Dryden, four nights in Peshastin and now I’m in East Wenatchee.

I’ve unpacked one of my two suitcases. I got here Sunday evening so that’s not bad. The other suitcase has things like pastels and water colors. No time for that yet.

I went into Leavenworth yesterday for a SAIL class. Higher up in the mountains so it’s cooler and there is still snow. I’ll be going into Leavenworth again on Thursday for another class.

We watched House of Gucci last night. I am so glad I watched it in English. Had I watched it in Spanish in Mexico I would have missed a lot of the little nuances. Great movie and I highly recommend it.

For all my hometown friends in Canada…..you are now two hours ahead of me. That means I won’t be calling as regularly as when I was in Aguascalientes in the same time zone. Apparently Washington has also decided to do away with the time change starting in the fall.

The featured photo is the view from my street. I just can’t get enough of these mountains. Living on the flat Canadian prairies for so many years will do that to you. The mountains in Queretero always remind me of the ones here in Washington.

Things are looking better for traveling to Canada this year. Doing away with Covid tests to enter the country is a start. And Amtrak is going to start running to Vancouver again.

My thought for Humpday:

Mindfulness And Me

Mindfulness And Me

I love to learn, perhaps even live to learn. I have several letters after my name as I have studied and completed a variety of different courses throughout the years. I never fully appreciated school when I was younger as I felt disdain for all the compulsory and mundane subjects that were necessary in order to get to the “good stuff”.  For instance, a basic science course was required in university in order to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree. Courses in economics and statistics were prerequisites for a degree in Social Work. Whatever is the logic for this? Just give me the courses in psychology and sociology that are of interest to me, the ones that will help me and benefit those who rely on me for my assistance in their daily struggles.  

I am now at a stage in my life where I have the time to study a variety of topics that previously just were not possible. I heartily thank the Internet for making available to me an abundance of courses from universities around the world.  I would like to focus on the course I am currently taking entitled De-Mystifying Mindfulness. The Universiteit Leiden in The Netherlands is my source for this one.

I have practiced meditation throughout most of my life. As a teenager, I was introduced to this art when I took yoga classes. I always looked forward to the body scan at the conclusion of the evening after contorting my body into all kinds of crazy positions. This was always a peaceful and calming time, until it was time to bundle up and head out into the frigid temperatures that are so characteristic of Winnipeg winters.

Now that I have more time to devote to meditation, I am beginning to fully realize just how important it is to live in the moment and to become fully aware of the present. I used to view meditation as a form of relaxation, but I now appreciate just how much of an influence mindfulness has on all my daily activities and I attempt to incorporate it into my life each and every day.  I do not see mindfulness as merely taking the time for a quiet meditation in the evening. It has become more of a way of life for me where I strive to be mindful throughout the day.

Of course it isn’t always possible to fully concentrate or to turn my focus to one thing specifically. I have often found myself on autopilot when it comes to common routines. And I do have to caution myself against being judgmental and critical and resolving to do more and to do it better. All this does is cause a great deal of unnecessary pressure and stress. This then defeats the entire purpose of being mindful.

Because I strive to practice mindfulness regularly does not mean I am a Buddhist or any type of religious fanatic. I view mindfulness with more of a scientific as well as a therapeutic approach. We live in a highly technological society today, the end result being a faster pace of life along with the stress and anxiety that accompany this type of lifestyle. Instead of time becoming a helpful organizational tool, it is often a troublesome enemy instead. Multitasking and deadlines plague our lives as we set loftier and loftier goals for ourselves.

 As I grow older, I find that the time flies by more quickly than ever with each passing year. I think back to when I wished that time would go by more quickly. Why was I ever in such a hurry? I can never recapture those unwanted moments that have somehow evolved into treasured moments.

I choose to focus on the present, to live in the here and now. If my mind wanders, I know that it’s always possible to return and begin again. After all, I do have a past that can never be forgotten, but it can be stored away safely. I refuse to fear my future but rather to embrace what may come my way. Inhale every breath deeply, and slowly exhale………….